return the goods

The store on the platform encounters an account ban, the product is complained, and the listing fails, so it is necessary to find a warehouse to quickly receive and process it. After the customer removes the resalable goods to the warehouse, the warehouse conducts an appearance inspection to see if they can be shipped normally, and cooperates with the customer to complete the inspection, label change, packaging, etc. In the process of repacking the boxes, customers can reschedule to the store for secondary sales, reducing losses and thus reducing costs.

With fast operation, flexible operation, one product sells more.


Platform Action Removal

Warehouse receiving

Unpacking and checking inventory

Disposal/putting into storage

Out of warehouse

The seller uploads the order

Warehouse receiving

Warehouse operations on demand

Packaged out of the warehouse

Inventory clearance

After the customer is removed, they can no longer go back to the platform for secondary sales. It can provide offline buyers with one-time purchase of products and help sellers quickly clear and recover the cost.


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